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This Kentucky Bourbon pays tribute to the earliest days of our distillery’s history, when in 1939 we released our first Bottled-in-Bond. This Bourbon was our namesake brand, and quickly became the top-seller in the state of Kentucky. Still today, the craftsmanship poured into Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond by the same founding family meets the exacting standards first set forth in the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.

Proof: 100 Proof
Age: 7 Years Old

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Tasting Notes

  • Color: Golden amber
  • Aroma: Warm notes of vanilla, honey and a rich caramel sweetness
  • Taste: Smooth, warm and sweet with a subtle rye spice note; caramel and honey mingle with just enough oak and char to round out the richness
  • Finish: Long, lingering

Expertise in Every Ounce

In this behind-the-scenes look at Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond, our master distiller and national brand ambassador join two industry experts to discuss the quality, craftsmanship, and legacy that's poured into each award-winning bottle.


Following in the

We’ve always been family-owned and operated by the Shapira family. That independence has allowed us to uphold our own standards, adhering to the same values instilled by those who started Heaven Hill. In 1935, Heaven Hill put its first whiskey into barrels, but it wasn’t until four years later, in 1939, that we released the original Old Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon. That singular decision—to be patient and allow the whiskey to properly mature—was tough, but it paid off. The whiskey quickly became the number-one-selling Bourbon in the state of Kentucky. Those lessons of patience and perseverance continue to drive Heaven Hill today.

HH Bottled in BOnd

The family of Ed and Sylvia Shapira. Young Max and
his sister Ellen smile in the back seat.

HH Bottled in BOnd

Ed and Max Shapira work side-by-side
in Bardstown

HH Bottled in BOnd

The five Shapira brothers, founders of Heaven Hill Distillery from left to right: Mose, Ed, George, Gary and David Shapira

HH Bottled in BOnd

Max Shapira with a collection of
Heaven Hill Bourbon bottles

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Echoes from the Past

In the early days of the American whiskey industry, not all the products were up to the same standards we expect today. Less-than-scrupulous merchants would mix spirits with "rectifiers" like prune juice, water steeped with tobacco, or even kerosene. In response, Congress passed the Bottled-in-Bond act of 1897, in essence guaranteeing the whiskey’s quality. During Prohibition, a lot of whiskey was produced through dubious, not to mention illegal, methods. Once lawful production of Bourbon distillation was re-introduced in the 1930s, Bottled-in-Bond remained the best way for Heaven Hill to communicate our standards of excellence, and we have proudly featured that seal of approval on many of our whiskeys ever since. In doing so, we’ve kept this important American Whiskey tradition alive. To this day, Heaven Hill produces more Bottled-in-Bond spirits than any other distillery.

HH Bottled in BOnd

A group poses in front of an
Old Heaven Hill Distillery sign

HH Bottled in BOnd

Historical advertisement for
Old Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond

HH Bottled in BOnd

Historical advertisement featuring the slogan
'The Best of the Great Kentucky Bourbons'

HH Bottled in BOnd

Freshly bottled Old Heaven Hill
Bottled-in-Bond being readied to ship

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There is no substitute for time. Those seven years—three more than required for a Bottled-in-Bond—really build in complexity, character, richness and balance.

Conor o driscol

Conor O'Driscoll

Master Distiller,
Heaven Hill Distillery

Heaven Hill Badge

Legacy Within the Label

To share this extraordinary Bourbon with the world, we crafted a label inspired by historic design and the various ways that our past Bottled-in-Bond releases have looked throughout the years. With artwork that reimagines historic elements into a modern interpretation, the label helps convey the premium nature of the liquid inside.

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The illustration at the center of the label is hand-sketched and showcases Heaven Hill Distillery’s original location in Bardstown, Kentucky.


Family Owned Since 1935 is a very special claim to Heaven Hill Distillery. We are proud to have stayed independent, American-owned and family-owned since the beginning.


This Bourbon is 7 Years Old pays tribute to the way many of our historic labels declared age statements, while highlighting how Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond is aged three years beyond the four year requirement set forth in the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.


The bottom label names the Distilled Spirits Plants used to produce and bottle the Bourbon, essential for Bottled-in-Bond certification. D.S.P. KY-1 represents where it is produced, at our Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, and D.S.P. KY-31 represents where it is bottled, at our bottling plant in Bardstown, Kentucky.


The gold Heaven Hill Distillery seal signifies our most premium releases, such as the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection. The seal is also found on the top of the capsule.

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Quality, Guaranteed

On March 3, 1897, the Bottled-in-Bond Act was signed into law and one of our favorite American Whiskey traditions was born. With this designation, rigorous standards were set for Whiskey's authenticity and it has been a sign of quality ever since. Today, we’re proud to produce more Bottled-in-Bond products than any other American Whiskey distiller.

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To be labeled as a Bottled-in-
Bond, a Whiskey must meet these
seven requirements.

Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond offers nuanced complexities that make a Boulevardier sing. The higher proof gives structure and there's a rich roundness that beautifully coats the palate.

Lynn House

Lynn House

Portfolio Mixologist,
Heaven Hill Distillery

Stir up a

Craft this perfectly balanced bittersweet
and complex cocktail with Heaven Hill
Bottled-in-Bond. Its smooth, rich profile
stands up to the vermouth and Campari®,
making this a drink you’ll find yourself
sipping time and again.

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